[tahoe-dev] the good thing about "darcs replace"

Josh Wilcox wilcoxjg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 19:00:58 UTC 2011

> > If the thing being renamed
> > was a common token, like "name", then darcs replace might also change
> > some instances of it that shouldn't be changed (such as in comments or
> > string literals, or unrelated variables that are also named "name").
> > In that case, I counted, for each file, how many hunks it would take
> > to put back all the bogus changes after darcs replace versus how many
> > hunks it would take to make the desired changes without using darcs
> > replace. Whichever approach yielded the fewest hunks is the one I
> > took. This is because I regarded every additional hunk as threatening
> > to cause later merge conflicts.
> I'd prefer to be more conservative and avoid using 'darcs replace'
> whenever it would make any bogus changes.

   I plan to use this policy.
   That is, if 'darcs replace' suggests I might want to use --force, then I
will not use 'darcs replace'.  Instead I will manually change the tokens of
interest, (and record) OR create an alternate name to replace with.  It
seems the second option is certainly preferable from the perspective of
automating replace.

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