[tahoe-dev] tahoe web content-renderers

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sat Sep 24 23:58:52 UTC 2011

  Which makes me think of the "tahoe web-app" idea I've pondered in the
  past, and whether it might be interesting to have content-renderers
  built in to tahoe. Imagine this:

To me, this seems like taking random other functionality that you want
and sticking it into a file system because file systems store content.
The way to look at the graph of the
x-application/tahoe-download-timeline-json should be independent of
where that came from - whether it's in tahoe, in a regular file, or
attached to mail.

Why should the WUI support this any more than any of the other 100
Content-Types: that a file could have?

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