[tahoe-dev] tahoe web content-renderers

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sun Sep 25 11:24:23 UTC 2011

  > The way to look at the graph of the
  > x-application/tahoe-download-timeline-json should be independent of
  > where that came from - whether it's in tahoe, in a regular file, or
  > attached to mail.

  Sure, but how do I give you the code that can render that new format? Do
  I first need to convince your OS vendor to include support for my new
  fancy timeline scheme and wait for you to upgrade? This is a general
  problem with getting new formats adopted, of course.. think of how an
  HDR image format wants to be displayed with a brightness control, or how
  a spherical panorama (anyone remember QTVR files?) image needs panning
  controls and cannot be correctly rendered with a normal rectangular 2-D
  image format.

  If I could hand you my own tool to render a new format, and if you could
  run it safely in some trusted environment, then we could take advantage
  of new formats sooner.

But this still is independent of tahoe.  People using other filesystems
(and mail file transfer) should still be able to do these new spiffy
things.  So I'm not trying to say the goal is wrong, just that it seems
architecturally broken to tie this to one particular filesystem.

Aside from that, it feels like reinventing java for browser plugins :-)
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