[tahoe-dev] tahoe web content-renderers

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sun Sep 25 11:27:24 UTC 2011

  One motivation I've noticed: the JSON timeline data for the slow
  downloads that we're investigating here take about 10 minutes to build.
  But I'm constantly making small changes to the d3.js-based renderer, and
  I'd like to be able to show a "rendering" (which needs zoom/pan
  interaction to be useful) to other people. So it makes sense to me to
  split those two pieces up. And that prompts the question of where each
  bit lives, which makes me think of how to use tahoe as the delivery

Also, if you haven't seen it, check out www.xplot.org.  It's very old
school (as in most code written in the 80s, bare -lX11), but it's now
blazingly fast (since we had to wmake it work on a uVax-II with 8M of
ramb and a QDSS).  It's what I use for interactive exploration of TCP
behavior at $DAYJOB.

That doesn't really solve your code-distribution problem, but you may
find that it's really easy to write xplot-input format and that it's
useful for you.

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