[tahoe-dev] 1.9.0alpha2 tagged

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Mon Sep 26 00:43:40 UTC 2011

I've finally finished tagging 1.9.0alpha2, the second milestone towards
the upcoming 1.9 release. We've made a number of improvements to MDMF
since alpha1, so grab yourself a copy and test it out:


 (also .zip, or .tar.bz2, or the -SUMO variants)

You can also fetch it via any of our fine version control systems:

 darcs get --lazy --tag=allmydata-tahoe-1.9.0a2 \
  http://tahoe-lafs.org/source/tahoe-lafs/trunk tahoe-lafs-1.9.0a2


 git clone git://github.com/warner/tahoe-lafs.git
 cd tahoe-lafs
 git checkout allmydata-tahoe-1.9.0a2

Since alpha1, we've made the following fixes:

 * 'tahoe debug' commands now understand MDMF caps and shares (#1507)
 * Recent Uploads And Downloads shouldn't miss 'tahoe put' (#1079)
 * tests run slightly faster, still kinda painful
 * 'tahoe put --mutable-type=.." implies --mutable
 * fewer dropped errors (and lost-progress bugs) in mutable retrieve
 * share-deletion security fixes from 1.8.3 merged in (#1528)
 * tolerate linux-3.0 in platform detection code (#1536)

We're still discussing the MDMF filecap format (#1526), so I intend to
hold off on a beta1 until we've resolved whatever changes it may
require. I don't *think* that should affect filecap compatibility, but
it might, so don't commit all your precious data to MDMF files yet.
(MDMF remains opt-in until we've gotten more experience with it, so
unless you're an enthusiastic volunteer, aka "power user", hold off on
using MDMF until it becomes the default in 1.10 or 2.0).

Remaining work for 1.9:

 * docs improvements
 * minor fixes: really really minor
 * packaging tests
 * Foolscap needs a new release, so make sure tahoe is compatible

Current plan is to tag a beta1 in a few weeks, and then a final release
a few weeks after that, maybe around Halloween (Oct-31). Spooky!

Go forth and test!

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