[tahoe-dev] tahoe backup re-uploads old files

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Thu Mar 1 00:32:10 UTC 2012

Brian Warner <warner at lothar.com> writes:

> On 2/29/12 4:03 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> I had no idea.  "man tahoe" didn't explain this :-)
> Yeah, we should make that more visible. docs/backupdb.rst explains it,
> in the "Upload Operation" section:

I was being snarky (but was quite serious that I had tried to understand
tahoe backup and not known about this revalidation behavior).  

I think it's a serious bug that 'man tahoe' followed by 'man tahoe-foo'
(as directed by 'man tahoe') doesn't have basic usage instructions (in
my installation, there are no man pages at all - apologies if that's a
packaging bug on my part).  Users should not be expected to have a
source tree, and all the documentation that they need should be
installed and in binary packages (as man pages, or a short man page and
an info file).

> https://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/browser/git/docs/backupdb.rst

Thanks for the pointer.

I have avoided tahoe backup because 1) it failed to back up for me once
and 2) I think the filesystem and the backup control system should be
orthogonal, and I haven't seen a good argument why tahoe doing a
roll-your-own backup program that is tied to the filesystem is a big
enough win to overcome the cost of the coupling.
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