[tahoe-dev] several questions about tahoe backup

Dmitriy Kazimirov dmitriy.kazimirov at viorsan.com
Thu Mar 1 19:50:29 UTC 2012

> Since "tahoe backup" doesn't look at older snapshots anyways (except for
> shared files), to make sure all your (old and new) backups are intact
> and renewed, you should do a "tahoe deep-check --add-lease --repair"
> after the "tahoe backup". The --repair will be redundant for the most
> recent snapshot, since "tahoe backup" re-uploads any files that don't
> pass the filecheck.
thanks for answers. a little more questions
I (currently) setting up configuration where "deep-check --add-lease --repair" is running independently",
becouse in my setup it takes A LOT of time perform checking if you start from rootcap(tahoe://)
*** reporting stats for  alias tahoe
 Counts and Total Sizes:
 count-immutable-files: 187992
   count-mutable-files: 0
   count-literal-files: 5940
           count-files: 193932
     count-directories: 27849
  size-immutable-files: 20562068057    (20.56 GB, 19.15 GiB)
    size-literal-files: 219650    (219.65 kB, 214.50 kiB)
      size-directories: 90279060    (90.28 MB, 86.10 MiB)
     largest-directory: 1069270    (1.07 MB, 1.02 MiB)
largest-immutable-file: 803179034    (803.18 MB, 765.97 MiB)
98% of this are results of tahoe backup runs and deep-check --repair --add-lease takes more than 2 days to complete
and it never completed successfully for one reason or another. Usually it crashes on network(I think related to gateway's network connection) errors and starts from beginning.

I tried to make specific aliases for each tahoe backup destination and parallize deep-check but new questions arise:
- if other gateway performs deep-check on directory, and at same time - tahoe backup writes new backup - is it safe?Will worse possible result be 'Uncoordinate Write Error' but no data loss except possible current backup session?
- if several deep-checks are being performed on directory, from different gateways(due for example script error) - is it safe?(I knew it does not make sense to do so but what will be worse possible result?)

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