[tahoe-dev] tahoe-lafs for archival process ability ?

Frédéric Brégier openfred at free.fr
Sat Mar 10 08:41:52 UTC 2012


I discovered  this open source project and I am quite impressed on the
various documentations and functionalities.
I am in the archive field in IT, and in particular legal long term archives.
I am trying to figure out what could be a good solution in the next
months and one of the items is obviously the storage itself.

So my question will be a bit simple (maybe too simple), is anyone having
an experience on using Tahoe-lafs to store archives with enough security
and performances and high volumetries ?

>From what I've read, I see there is the possibility to have "immutable"
files, consistency accross several storage nodes, security of access and
consistency of contents. What I did not find yet (or not sure) are :
- up to what volume this solution can get (how many files, how many TB
or even PB)
- the ability to have a "multiple physical" locations (for security
reasons again) as a replication or embedded solution as it seems (I am
not sure while reading the storage servers need or not to be in the same
- an exisiting project or temptative to get it used for archiving
- the interfaces available that could be integrated in "application"
components (I quickly see Java, (S)FTP, ...). For instance, could it be
possible to integrate this within a Java Application either to get
documents but also and maybe more important to store new documents ?
- is there a way to link (except from outside of course) 2 files
together, in the sens (still thinking about archiving) the ability to
have 2 files linked, one for the main document and one for the
associated referential xml file (containing the author, date, some other
business informations)
or any other items that could lead to some inputs on this subject...

Of course, I don't ask an answer for all ;-)


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