[tahoe-dev] #466 (signed-introducer-announcements) landed!

Ted Rolle, Jr. stercor at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 20:35:40 UTC 2012

Brian et ux;

I kind of get it.  I like the changes.

This effort simplifies the code, no?  This is _always_ a good idea.

Can V1 be deprecated?  Maintaing backward compatibility can make the
code more (unnecessarily?) complex.

Possibly applicable quotes:
"Tie up with a long rope and it's easy to escape.
Tie up with a short rope and it's hard to escape."

"It's easy to make steak into hamburger.
 It's hard to make hamburger into steak.

'setup.py build':  Where?  Don't we already do this when building

When will we be able to safely use the new code?

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