[tahoe-dev] #466 (signed-introducer-announcements) landed!

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Wed Mar 14 21:05:14 UTC 2012

On 3/14/12 1:35 PM, Ted Rolle, Jr. wrote:

> This effort simplifies the code, no?  This is _always_ a good idea.
> Can V1 be deprecated? Maintaing backward compatibility can make the
> code more (unnecessarily?) complex.

Eventually, yeah, once everyone has upgraded their nodes and
introducers, we can delete the V1 support. I tried to keep the
backwards-compatibility code fairly segregated, so it won't be too hard
to rip it out. E.g. when the introducer recognizes an old client, it
wraps it in a "v2-to-v1-adapter" instance and subscribes *that* instead.
When we remove V1, we just delete the adapter code and the old method
that sets it up.

> 'setup.py build': Where? Don't we already do this when building
> Tahoe-LAFS?

Yeah, when you download a new tarball and build from scratch. If you
have a darcs/git checkout and upgrade, you can usually get away without
doing an extra 'setup.py build' step, but not after dependency changes
like this one.

> When will we be able to safely use the new code?

Define "safe" :). I'd suggest starting to play with it next week, after
I get a chance to do some more tests over the weekend. If you encounter
problems, it should be pretty easy to just roll back to the old version
until we resolve them.


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