[tahoe-dev] announcing pycryptopp v0.6.0.1206569328141510525648634803928199668821045408958

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Fri Mar 16 00:22:00 UTC 2012

I updated pkgsrc.  On NetBSD/i386 5.1_STABLE, "python2.6 setup.py test"
passed.  A previous installation of tahoe-lafs-1.9.1 worked, so there
seem to have been no ABI changes.

Several of the test programs have "#!/usr/bin/env python", which is
flagged as non-portable.  These seem to be generated programs not
present in the source, and should have the path to the python
interpreter found at configure time (my system has no program 'python').
But this was only a warning so I didn't worry about it.

NEWS.rst does not contain entries for 0.6.0.

I think pycryptopp is a better name than zcryptopy, and that changing
names is bad, only justified when the benefit outweighs the cost (do
package names change?  do package systems support resolving name
changes? (no...) ).

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