[tahoe-dev] keeping private grids privatey

sickness sickness at tiscali.it
Wed Mar 21 13:09:57 UTC 2012

> Setting up a private i2p network might be getting OT. But I'd be
> interested as well in finding out how to setup a private i2p network
> if you ever figure out or find documentation on how to boot strap one
> for your community, please share the documentation on how its done ;)
> Thanks,
> Jimmy.

sure, it was discussed multiple times on i2p forums:

(the same could be done with tor and freenet, iirc
but you don't have tahoe over those, and even if
freenet is able to store content, it's fixed to
k=1 h=3 s=3 speaking in tahoe-lafs language, and
you don't really have a way to repair/check the
shares if not by redownloading the entire content
over time, it's more like a big cache... but
differences between tahoe and freenet were already
discussed by zooko in another post)

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