[tahoe-dev] Logging howto / sftp with hashed passwords

Wolfgang Strobl news4 at mystrobl.de
Fri Mar 23 06:16:26 UTC 2012

Zitat von Jean Lorchat <jean at iijlab.net>:

> As I see it, flogtool is distributed with Tahoe, and needs Tahoe dependencies to work. This is not a big deal if you set your PYTHONPATH variable, like this for example :
> export PYTHONPATH=~/build/tahoe/support/lib/python2.6/site-packages/

Thanks, Jean, that indeed answers my question, as I found out in the meantime, myself.

> then do
> support/bin/flogtool tail -c ~/.tahoe-git/private/logport.furl

support/bin/flogtool tail -c ~/testgd/node/private/logport.furl

in my case.  This works nicely and produces quite a lot of output. Great, thanks again!

> I'll let you fix the paths. This is what I use on a daily basis and it still worked a few minutes ago, and needs no installing. I am not sure it is exactly the way it was intended, someone might want to correct.

I guess for the moment  I'll just put a modified copy of flogtool somewhere on my path, which modifies sys.path internally, and will have a look what actually gets logged. I hope that it will give me a handly to looking into the innards of auth.py.

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