[tahoe-dev] David-Sarah will be Release Manager for the next release.

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Thu Mar 29 19:39:08 UTC 2012

We have a highly formalized and well-developed protocol for deciding
who does what. It goes like this -- we're all hanging out on IRC
chatting about all the bugs and improvements we want, and then someone

<zooko> Hey, any interest in making David-Sarah do Release Manager duty?
<zooko> They are awesome at everything they do, so far.
<davidsarah> +1
<warner> cool by me
<zooko> YAY!
<davidsarah> I liked doing the release management for 1.7, I think it was
<zooko> kevan_: do you approve of David-Sarah being Release Manager?
<zooko> Oh yeah, I forgot you already did it once. Yes, that was successful.
<zooko> davidsarah: I think your first decision as Release Manager is: shall
		we start telling people that it is a bugfix-oriented 1.9.2 (possibly
		with a few non-bugfixes that creep in), or that it is a new
		bugfix-and-feature-oriented 1.10.0?
<kevan_> zooko: +1 from me
<davidsarah> I agree that's the first decision
<davidsarah> but I haven't made it :-)



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