[tahoe-dev] How much size if data fragments are sent to each server

Powell Tallen powelltallen at yahoo.com
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Thanks Frederik,
Yes that answers the question as to whether I can adjust N, H and K. If I got you correct, it means I can adjust (set) these parameters in tahoe.cfg. Does that mean I can change these values? If yes what are the minimum/maximum allowable figures (N, H and K).
One question that I asked that is answered but I am not sure of what it means in the maths "........ each share is a third (i.e. 1/K) of the real file". Does that mean that the size of the fragments of data sent to each server is the same (equal to 1 third of the whole file?)? Can I send different (unequal eg half, 1 fourth, 1 third, etc) sizes of fragments of the data to each server?

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Hey Powell,

the amount of shares (needed, happy, total) can be set in your tahoe.cfg.

For this example, let's assume we use N=10, H=7, K=3.

Whenever a file is uploaded, it is encrypted and the cipher text is then
split into 10 shares so that 3 of them suffice for reconstruction, this
means that each share is a third (i.e. 1/K) of the real file. The total
space used on the grid is 10 * (size)/3 (i.e. N * (size)/K) then.
Tahoe tries to upload 10 shares to the grid and will return an error if
less than 7 can be placed.

I hope this answers your question. You might also take a look at the
docs at tahoe-lafs.org

This was just from the top of my head. Correct me if I'm wrong, rest of
the list :)


On 10/09/2012 08:56 AM, Powell Tallen wrote:
> Dear All, Please how much of the fragment of data sent to tahoe grid
> are sent to each server. Is the data divided equally and the sent to
> each server or you can have different sizes sent to each server. I
> also understand that there are N=10 shares, H=7 servers which the 10
> are divided and sent to, and K=3 servers that are needed to
> reconstruct the data in case of any failure. Are these numbers just
> the defaults or one can change the numbers depending on what you
> want. Regards Powell
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