[tahoe-dev] does Tahoe support IPv6 fully?

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 10:51:28 UTC 2012

> Am 11.10.2012 06:39, schrieb Marco Tedaldi:
>> I was just about the post the exactly same question right now.
>> Because since a few weeks I have IPv6 running at home. Ok, it is
>> only a tunnel over he.net but it seems to be reliable and does not
>> need any NAT anymore (and thus no port forwarding and stuff like
>> that).
>> Thank you for the information Zooko. I'm really looking forward to
>> full IPv6 support in Tahoe and also native IPv6 from my provider
>> (which was announced for 2013 but I only believe it when I see
>> it).
> Be careful with IPv6, it raises a lot privacy concerns, as you can
> assign IP numbers to even toilet brushes or almost everthing wihtout
> running out of free IP numbers. This allows permanent assignment of
> such IPv6 addresses to your computers, so every computer is in your
> network is no longer "anonymized" by a single IPv4 address, instead
> they have public IPv6 addresses all on their own.
> This allows "permanent tagging" of your computer systems which is a
> privacy problem.
> You then need to rotate your IPv6 address on your own.
1. Believing that changing IP adresses somehow help to protect your 
privacy is naive.
2. Believing that NAT somehow help to enhance privacy is naive in the 
same way as believing that NAT provides some kind of security!

All modern operating systems also support IPv6 privacy extension that 
aautomatically randomly assign new IPv6 host parts to the network 
prefix. I'm quite sure, that these privacy extensions won't help to 
provide any additional privacy to the user but they seem to give a good 
feeling to a lot of people.

So. I want a fixed IPv6 prefix from my ISP (if I need privacy I will 
have to use Tor and other tools). And I like to have fixed addresses in 
my network (fortunately, with IPv6 I can have several addresses per 
interface really easy)

So I still hope to get IPv6 in Tahoe soon so we can finally get rid of 
that stupid NAT and IP-Forwarding on our routers...

best regards


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