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Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News, issue number 39, October 16 2012

Welcome to the Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News (TWN).  Tahoe-LAFS_ is a secure,
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Announcement and News

Thank You
- ---------

We interrupt your regularly scheduled TWN to bring you this special
announcement.  Well maybe not regularly scheduled, how about we
interrupt this interruption to bring you this special announcement?

Zooko |zooko| posted on the tahoe-dev mailing list, `this message`_
regarding the extended absence of TWN.  In it, he expressed his
appreciation of my effort in writing TWN and encouraged you, if you felt
the same, to contact me as well.  You amazed me with the number of
emails which filled my inbox stating how much you appreciated TWN.  The
emails did not stop with just praise.  There were offers of assistance,
ideas for new stories.  This show of support from this community left me
utterly speechless.  However, I needed to find a way to express my
gratitude and respect.

Lacking documentation is a common theme in many open source projects.  I
don't think this is a result of lack of good documentation writers nor
due to concepts which are too difficult to document.  Rather I believe
that those of us who write are amazed by the community's ability to
create.  Reporting on the doing, doesn't seem to hold the same thrill as
the actual doing.  Or at the very least, this is my feeling.  This
community amazes me in its ability to create and not just with
Tahoe-LAFS.  This community has spawned companies, amazing spinoff
projects and inspired numerous others.  The cryptography and security
discussions force me to stretch the bounds of my knowledge and
imagination.  This community makes me better person simply through
observation and thank you for it.

Unfortunately, being an observer, occasionally makes me feel as if I am
not an essential cog in the machine.  You start to wonder if your
contribution really provides any value add.  After all it isn't a patch
which provides a new feature or corrects some long standing bug.
Instead it is merely a discourse on your observations.  Who is really
interested in hearing that?  Apparently from your resounding response,
you are.

I will be sending personal thank you to each of you who sent me emails
over the last several days.  I would like to take this opportunity send
some special thank yous.  First, to Zooko.  Thank you for giving me the
opportunity to do TWN.  This has become one of my favorite activities
and your constant support and encouragement has allowed it to become so.
You are always willing to provide a hand with ideas and a kind word of
support.  Thank you.  Next to Brian Warner |warner|.  Brian thanks for
your kind words of encouragement.  Every time we chat, you have always
thanked me for TWN.  I highly value our friendship both inside and
outside of Tahoe-LAFS.  Lastly, thanks to Peter |peter|.  I read through
your interview and was once again inspired.  You remind me that I don't
need to be a genius programmer to make a meaningful contribution.  You
showed me that every contribution is important in its own right.  I
would do well to remember that.

So this Saturday TWN will return with talk of IPv6, birthday parties and
the like.  Thank you for allowing me the time to express my thanks and
for taking the time to express yours.

.. _`this message`:

- ----

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