[tahoe-dev] I'd like to join the pubgrid

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Thu Apr 11 12:47:45 UTC 2013

Oleksandr Drach <luckyredhot at gmail.com> writes:

> Anyway it is up to you. I do suggest Ubuntu because I am using Tahoe-LAFS
> on Ubuntu and it works well :)

It doesn't really help to encourage a monoculture.   If you meant "I
have used ubuntu and it works" then it's better to say that rather than
leave an unclear implication that there is a known reason it's better

I think it's more valuable to have someone with a different OS in the
pubgrid, since there is some chance of finding bugs that haven't been
found yet.

I haven't run tahoe on Dragonfly, but it works just fine on NetBSD,
using the same pkgsrc bits Pierre is going to use (I maintain the pkgsrc
entry).  So I expect it to work just fine.  If not, that's interesting.

I also don't expect any issues from the storage being on Hammer.  But it
would be good to see what happens.

Pierre: you should be aware that pubgrid is for testing.  That's great,
but if you want to actually store things you should look at one of the
volunteergrids or set up a private grid or friendnet yourself.
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