[tahoe-dev] Weekly Dev Chat report, 2013-04-11

Zooko O'Whielacronx zookog at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 06:34:51 UTC 2013


in attendance: Zooko (scribe), ClashTheBunny, Daira, Andrew, Amber, Rohit,

The agenda was "Nuts and Bolts".

ClashTheBunny has fleshed out MarcusW's IPv6 patches for foolscap and
Tahoe-LAFS. We spent the dev chat working on the tests. It already has
thorough tests, but we want additional tests that make a mockery of Twisted
instead of letting foolscap use the real Twisted. Also, we want to refactor
the tests to have minimal code duplication. We generated a few patches in
this attempt:





Tune in next time for "Tesla Coils and Corpses" — Andrew will present
"type-directed security definitions for generic authenticated data

By the way, if you are planning to attend next Thursday's Weekly Dev Chat
then you definitely need to email zooko at LeastAuthority.com and let me know
about your scheduling constraints. I think there are conflicts between
different attendees. The most commonly requested time slots are 15:00Z and
16:00Z. (The chat is 1 hour long.)



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