[tahoe-dev] Owncloud / Tahoe

til tilllt at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 23 13:17:36 UTC 2013

Hey People,

i am still trying to figure out an easy way to use Tahoe-LAFS in a super easy setup, for noobs like me.
finally i got a nicely working Owncloud installation on my NAS, and it i realized that through the "External Storage" module of owncloud, i can use SFTP access within owncloud. Since Tahoe-LAFS has SFTP Access, i wondered if this combination would be really easy way for me (and other users) to finally overcome the technical hurdles of using the CLI or other seemingly complicated ways of accessing your data on a Tahoe Grid.
Is this a viable combination, and roughly, what steps would be necessary to make it work?

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