[tahoe-dev] Secure OS for running Tahoe?

Randall Mason clashthebunny at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 13:18:28 UTC 2013

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 2:28 PM, Greg Troxel <gdt at ir.bbn.com> wrote:
> OpenSSL did not come from OpenBSD.

> don't know what you mean by "powerpc is no longer updated enough"; that
> seems to refer to perhaps a particular Linux distribution's practices.

Random things don't work that are becoming more and more prevalent.
JavaScript would be an example.  If you can run a modern web browser,
node.js, or MongoDB on NetBSD on PowerPC, I would love to know.

> That's interesting that ksplice is repackaging Free updates and
> charging; presumably one can redistribute the updates but the program to
> apply them is non-Free.  Still, that's going off the Free Software plan.,

I think that everything is openly available.  You can read their
academic papers: http://www.ksplice.com/paper We would just have to
follow the same process and hide from the Oracle patent lawyers...

> When I look at all the problems I have, rebooting a machine every few
> months is not a big deal.

If rebooting has burned you even once in the past, you may make the
poor choice of not rebooting when necessary.

> I run tahoe-lafs from pkgsrc on a mac (including python, twisted, and
> everything else needed).  I don't worry about /usr/pkg/etc much; the
> behavior on update is sane.

Good to know!

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