[tahoe-dev] Monthly State of the Public Grid

Paul Rabahy prabahy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 23:46:01 UTC 2013

The new public grid appears to be gaining traction quite well. I figure now
that it has been in operation a little more than a month it would be good
to give a quick overview of its status and any other observation that I
have had.

I want to thank the storage nodes that have been reliably connected
including the following:

The public writable test directory has been used by several people
(including myself) for various experiments. So far I haven't noticed any

>tahoe stats public:
Counts and Total Sizes:
 count-immutable-files: 5
   count-mutable-files: 14
   count-literal-files: 5
           count-files: 24
     count-directories: 12
  size-immutable-files: 2493001    (2.49 MB, 2.38 MiB)
    size-literal-files: 58
      size-directories: 13377    (13.38 kB, 13.06 kiB)
     largest-directory: 5928    (5.93 kB, 5.79 kiB)
largest-immutable-file: 947954    (947.95 kB, 925.74 kiB)
Size Histogram:
      1-3       : 1    (3 B, 3 B)
     11-31      : 4    (31 B, 31 B)
 100001-316227  : 2    (316.23 kB, 308.82 kiB)
 316228-1000000 : 3    (1.00 MB, 976.56 kiB)

Currently the shares directory on the PRabahy node weighs in at about
650MB. The largest individual share is about 172MB (~25% of the total

I encourage everyone that is able to setup a storage node to help newcomers
dive into Tahoe-LAFS as easily as possible. My goal is to have at least 10
storage nodes connected to the public grid at any time.

Warning - The public grid is a service provided for experimentation and
learning. Please do not store any important files on the public grid. The
grid may go offline at anytime without prior notice.

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