[tahoe-dev] Performance question: reading from/writing to a grid of 4 data centers using 9-out-of-24 coding

Oleksandr Drach luckyredhot at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 13:21:07 UTC 2013

Thank your for your valuable results!

I guess we must perform additional test and get some sets of "real"
bandwidth numbers which may be put later in

For new users it is really important to understand the "real" numbers
quickly but not to read the whole boring

2013/3/6 Robin Chen <rcccym at gmail.com>

> 24 VM's (running under OpenStack) in 4 data centers.   Each VM has two 2
> VCPU's, 4GB of memory, and 50GB of disk space (40GB for Tahoe storage).

Oleksandr Drach.*
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