[tahoe-dev] the plan for 1.10

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Tue Mar 19 18:58:38 UTC 2013

Just an update on the 1.10 release process:

* we made good progress at yesterday's PyCon sprint, but weren't able to
  get a release candidate out. We closed one of the three blockers
  (#1767), and David-Sarah has code landed for a second (#1525) which
  just needs some after-the-fact review. We're still trying to decide on
  the API for the last one (#1732).

* I need to fix some of our release infrastructure, specifically the
  tarball builders which currently don't upload their results. My plan
  is to push a 1.10a1 alpha tag to provoke them into making tarballs
  with better names, then re-enable upload. If that looks ok, I may push
  an alpha2 tag shortly afterwards so we can get a tarball that's
  produced entirely by the automation.

* we have a batch of docs updates to make, starting with David-Sarah's
  initial NEWS patch. It's not as trivial to collect all the changes
  since the 1.9.2 release because it was made from a different VCS
  (darcs), so this may take some manual effort to be sure we've
  documented everything.

My hope is to get that alpha1/2 tarball made by tonight's SF meetup at
Rackspace, and maybe to finish the decision about the #1732 API at the
meetup itself. Then we might be able to get an rc1 out by the end of the
week, and a 1.10 final after a few weeks of testing.

 -Brian, the ersatz 1.10 Release Manager

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