[tahoe-dev] revision spreadsheet (what's new in 1.10)

Brian warner at lothar.com
Tue Mar 26 08:48:43 UTC 2013

As we get closer to 1.10, I wanted to make sure that we aren't losing
anything. The last few releases have been a bit weird, and split between
darcs and git. I've built a spreadsheet of all the patches and revisions
that went into the 1.9.x releases, as well as everything currently on
trunk, to make sure we know exactly what's new in 1.10.

1.9.0 was released from darcs, but we had the darcs/git bridge running
at that point, so we've got a perfectly matched history (the darcs 1.9.0
tag contains exactly the same contents as the git 1.9.0 tag). Then 1.9.1
was released from a short git branch (about 13 revisions long) that
shares the 1.9.0 tag in common with trunk. Then 1.9.2 was released from
a darcs tree that was begun more or less from the 1.9.0 release, and had
most of the 1.9.1 patches manually applied.

I've attached the spreadsheet (as a PDF and .csv .. if you want an .xls
just let me know). It's kinda scary. The left section is an ordered list
of darcs patches, from the 1.9.0 tag to the 1.9.2 tag (some of these are
in 1.9.1, some are not). The middle section is a mostly-ordered list of
git revisions, from the 1.9.0 tag (which is identical to the darcs 1.9.0
tag) to current trunk. The short right section is an ordered list of git
revisions, from the 1.9.0 tag to the 1.9.1 tag.

There are four patches from darcs-1.9.2 which were not included in git
trunk in some form, all benign and marked in green. Some patches are
present in both darcs and git but in different orders: these are marked
in yellow (gap) and red (insertion). The fix for #1654, which motivated
1.9.1, is present in trunk, but landed much later, down in the big red
block of insertions. The columns with small integers are there to let me
sort everything in various ways, and then get it back to the original
more-or-less chronological view.

So, what this gives me is a list to use to populate the NEWS file.
Basically every row in the middle column that doesn't have an entry on
the left column is something that's new in 1.10 that wasn't in 1.9.2.

If anyone sees any omissions, please let me know.

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