[tahoe-dev] startup error after upgrade

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Thu Mar 28 12:02:00 UTC 2013

"Daira Hopwood (formerly David-Sarah)" <david-sarah at jacaranda.org>

> On 27/03/13 23:18, Greg Troxel wrote:
>>   ** some of the code is surely from before 2012
> It isn't actually important to have a date at all, if I understand correctly.

You may be right, but having a wrong date seems suboptimal.  Almost
always I see dates.

> The Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation has held the copyright at least since
> 13 months ago, I think longer (see ticket #1686).

Is there a bug open that this is non-obvious to users and potential
contributors?   I freely admit that I have not sent any significant
code, but it's news to me that I would be asked to sign a copyright
assignment agreement.  But maybe you don't mean that; just that some
people have assigned.

Also, there probably should be another bug open that the foundation
needs at least a web page with an explanation of purpose, list of
officers, tax/legal status (in various countries), and if a US 501(c)3,
a copy of the Form 990 filed each year.  I'm sure there's no intent to
be sneaky, but IMHO free software governance should be transparent.

(I'm somewhat shy to open bugs because I don't have the current bug db
state paged into my head, and hence I am asking here first.)
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