notes from Hack Session Monday, 2014-03-31

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Tue Apr 1 15:33:06 UTC 2014

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LAFS Twice-Weekly Hack Hour, 2014-03-31

in attendance: Zooko (scribe), Nathan, Daira

Nathan opened a ticket about an issue installing Tahoe-LAFS using pip.
It *might* have been #2209. #2209 is now fixed. Missing
`allmydata/web/static/img` subdirectory when installed from `pip`.

We showed Nathan a tour of buildbot:

1. Go to

2. Click on "buildbot" button in the button-bar at the top. That takes
you to

3. Click on "All Builders". That takes you to

4. Click on "Kyle OpenBSD amd64". That takes you to

5. Click on "#263". That takes you to

Now, let's work on ! ☺

We merged a pull request:

Now we're deploying this new version of our buildbot config onto

Okay, we got it running, but haven't imported the histories of old
builds. We're leaving it shut down until we can do that (hopefully


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