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Mon Apr 21 17:08:39 UTC 2014

hello everyone

we are running a testbed with tahoe with no big issue, in fact up to now
everything is working fine when we do the things right :)

objective is to make a backup grid for our small company using several
computers in office, in houses and one in datacenter.

we do have approx 1 to to backup. (10 * 100 go).
this is not so much, be we neither want to do the thing bad

to sync folder between the machine to backup and tahoe we do have many
we have tested several but i would like to share with you about the right

according to your experience, what tool shall be recommended for a reliable
and automatic folder backup or a folder sync to tahoe ?

drop_upload :
this solution would be the easiest but seems not to be usable as
subdirectories are not checked

sync using owncloud client and owncloud external storage over sftp :
it has been reported as usable by several owncloud user

cli command backup : this make an incremental backup and actually we do not
need it (our server do already manage versioning)
problem i have observed  is if a failure happens (network cut) before all
backup is completed : tahoe cannot find any of the transfered files

is there any other CLI command that would be usable for a folder sync ?

duplicity : it is reported to be working fine
for us archives are not the best but can you confirm this is ok ?

rdiff backup over sftp : is it tested stable ?

rsync over sftp : is it tested stable ?

backuppc over sftp : we might go for this solution
but i have not tried yet

thank for your advices and feedback based on your wider experience


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