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Mon Apr 21 21:02:23 UTC 2014

On 21/04/14 18:08, freelab xavier wrote:
> hello everyone
> we are running a testbed with tahoe with no big issue, in fact up to now everything is
> working fine when we do the things right :)
> objective is to make a backup grid for our small company using several computers in
> office, in houses and one in datacenter.
> we do have approx 1 to to backup. (10 * 100 go).

(Note that in English we'd normally write 1 TB or Tbyte for this. "Octet" is also a
rarely-used synonym for "byte" in English, but it is not used for the abbreviations.)

> drop_upload :
> this solution would be the easiest but seems not to be usable as subdirectories are not
> checked

That is ticket <>.

> sync using owncloud client and owncloud external storage over sftp :
> it has been reported as usable by several owncloud user
> cli command backup : this make an incremental backup and actually we do not need it (our
> server do already manage versioning)
> problem i have observed  is if a failure happens (network cut) before all backup is
> completed : tahoe cannot find any of the transfered files

Note that those files actually have been uploaded, so if you repeat the backup,
it will complete sooner and using less total bandwidth than it otherwise would
have, because it is using the already-uploaded files. However no files will be
accessible until a backup has completed.

> is there any other CLI command that would be usable for a folder sync ?

'tahoe cp -r', but that will unconditionally copy everything. I don't think it
has any advantages for this over 'tahoe backup'.

> duplicity : it is reported to be working fine
> for us archives are not the best but can you confirm this is ok ?

Yes, as far as I know that is a good solution, although I haven't used it myself.

Daira Hopwood ⚥

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