Tahoe LAFS + cryptocurrency compensation system

Ed Kapitein ed at kapitein.org
Mon Apr 28 09:19:44 UTC 2014

On 04/28/14 10:21, bin.echo at gmail.com wrote:
> Here is my simple idea to tie a zero knowledge automated
> cryptocurrency compensation system into Tahoe LAFS.
> Say Alice has a blob of data she wants to store. Alice advertises to
> the network and finds a partner willing to take her blob of data. (The
> network is a grid of Tahoe LAFS Storage Servers)
> Bob excepts the blob of data and stores it, knowing that we will get
> paid in the future for the space he wasn't using in the first place.
> ><SNIP><
interested to hear what people think. Is there anything obvious I have 
missed? _______________________________________________


What if multiple people claim to have stored the block?
The UUID would be the same, and so would the private key.
Anyone with that knowledge could claim the bounty right?

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