A problem when I use dokan on tahoe

xiao_s_yuan xiao_s_yuan at 163.com
Thu Mar 6 01:46:51 UTC 2014

I get how to use dokan on tahoeLAFS ,it only have several steps as follows:
install python2.7
install dokan and fs-0.4.0.tar
python>>> from fs.contrib.tahoelafs import TahoeLAFS
python>>> from fs.expose import dokan
python>>> fs = TahoeLAFS('URI:DIR2:ddg5n76x6stjb35psrcn7i3ytu:etbtnftlaeylm4gmi7mxzq6pg2ntgra7dyjeronyoo4pvkgtttqa')
python>>> mp = dokan.mount(fs, "f", foreground=True)
I do the above on win7 32bit , it can't fuse the tahoe on win7.
I want to know the steps above only use the tahoe's dir CAP information,like fs=TahoeLAFS('URI:DIR2:ddg5n76x6stjb35psrcn7i3ytu:etbtnftlaeylm4gmi7mxzq6pg2ntgra7dyjeronyoo4pvkgtttqa')
no other information about tahoe,so how can the windows know which tahoe grid we use ,Should I install tahoe on windows?or Is there anyother step I should do before these.
                                            thank you very much!
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