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WinLAFS WinLAFS at riseup.net
Thu Apr 9 07:43:56 UTC 2015

Hello zooko,

I am,
smarty (WinLAFS) and new here on the Developers mailing List.

i am a Windows user and i like GUIs.
this is why i also like Puppy-Linux. (Live-DVD)

After 2 weeks hard work at CLI, i managed to successfully install 
at 7win32 and 7win64 and prudly presented my work at tahoe-dev mailing 

WinLAFS:Windows Least-Authority File Store: How to install 
AllMyData_Tahoe_Lafs 1.10.0 on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit and 64 bit

> https://tahoe-lafs.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2015-March/009385.html

ok nobody like to read long letters.

i made also some beta tests with Daira.

but on 7win64 the install script still need an external .egg
( egenix_pyopenssl-0.13.0_1.0.0j_1-py2.7-win-amd64.egg)

presented as C:\tahoe-deps\pyopenssl-0.13.0-py2.7-win-amd64.egg

i think, i am able also to compile some .eggs if necessary.

will it be soon possible to use Python Wheels ?

i think tahoe-lafs need soon and urgently 1.10.1

install able on win10 (win7 and win8 will soon be updateable to win10)

i am a bit lost in the repository and the ticket system.

but found an interesting question on the wrong place.
> https://github.com/tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs/wiki
  xavierle edited this page on 1 Feb

Welcome to the tahoe-lafs wiki!
about installation source

actually the packages from main linux versions are 1.9 and are 3 years 
old actual release 1.10 is about 2 years old

actual development seems quite active but with no officiel release

what would you recommend to use ?

     2 years old 1.10 release ?
     master from github ?
     master from trac ?

i stop now because it is again too long.

smarty ;)

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