windows packaging tools

Brian Warner warner at
Mon Apr 13 01:33:14 UTC 2015

I'm at PyCon, and I just chatted with the author of a poster that
described a new windows packaging tool.. thought it might be useful in
the efforts for #195 and friends.

What's interesting about this "pynsist" tool is that (at least according
to the author), it can build windows packages *from linux*, by
downloading the necessary parts of the NSIS installer at package build
time, and then combining that with your local source files to construct
the windows installer executable.

You have to manually tell it all of your dependencies (which is probably
for the best, because all the tools we've tried in the past need help
here). And we still need to build some sort of sensible/minimal GUI app
for windows (my favorite approach is the CouchDB-on-OSX one, where you
just get a menubar/system-tray icon that lets you bounce/shutdown the
daemon and lets you open the web browser to the control interface).

But when I described our packaging needs, he said that sounded totally


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