Tahoe-LAFS featured in “Why the command-line is not usable”

WinLAFS WinLAFS at riseup.net
Wed Apr 15 08:24:30 UTC 2015

Dear Zooko,

>          Daira and Ramki have replied to your comments about the 
> Windows build.
>          Please help them fix up the Windows build by reading and 
> critiquing
>          the documents they pointed to!

i did comments about already on Sunday (2015.4.12)

>> <https://github.com/tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs/blob/195.windows-packaging.7/docs/build/windows-installer.rst>

and send it to Daira and Ramakrishnan
because it works i build and send additional an EGG

>>>          pyOpenSSL-0.13.1-1.0.2a-py2.7-win-amd64.egg

but it is not tested now.

installation test of it should be easy
additional i suggest an big data test,
because during compilation of openssl 1.0.2a there is a note about,
possible data loss using it with big data.
My system is not ready to test an 1TB data BLOB
but can be configured on long term.

( Any body out there who like to create an 1TB Truecript container 
file,make md5,
store it on an able private tahoe-lafs grid [not THE TEST GRID of 
and see if the md5 is the same when you get the file back)

>        I would like you to use the current master and contribute 
> pull-requests back to it!

i would like to use snapshots:

>> <https://tahoe-lafs.org/source/tahoe-lafs/snapshots/allmydata-tahoe-1.1x.x.postxxx.zip>

until my system is configured to use the master direct.

wait for response from Dira and Ramakrishnan


smarty ;)

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