Screencast on how to install and use tahoe-lafs on OSX

Jonathan Dill cdslashetc at
Fri Apr 17 16:41:30 UTC 2015

Nice work! If you want to embellish it a bit, I'd suggest adding 
captions or typing comments in an editor in a visible font as these 
types of tutorials are typically done, I can send an example if I think 
of one.

I personally don't care about no audio and would mute it anyway for such 
a tutorial but guess that some people do. Maybe you could play 
Evanescence - Wake Me Up (kidding) or Microsoft Sam reading the text 
(really kidding). OS X voiceover might not be bad but I haven't played 
with it in a long time.

On 4/17/15 10:40 AM, Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan wrote:
> Hi,
> I made a small screencast on how to install and use Tahoe-LAFS on OS X.
> Feedback welcome! Please play the video at higher resolution, so that
> the text is readable.
> <>
> The OS X package can be built from the tahoe-LAFS git repo master branch
> with the command 'make build-osx-pkg' to produce a .pkg file which you
> can double-click and install.
> Thanks

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