unused Trac accounts have been pruned

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Mon Apr 27 00:47:34 UTC 2015

Hi folks.. I've been doing some work on our Trac instances this weekend
(the dozen or so projects hosted at https://tahoe-lafs.org/, including
Tahoe, zfec, and pycryptopp). We've been hit by some annoying spammers,
and I'm trying to clean things up.

One such cleanup is to delete unused accounts. The spammers haven't been
able to actually post very much (filing new tickets or comments), so
there are about 10000 accounts that have never been used (and about 3000
new ones added each week). I've deleted these from the htdigest file. We
haven't yet removed the session data for them, but I think will get rid
of that too, eventually.

It's possible that I clobbered some valid accounts in the process. If
this happened to you, you'll get a login failure the next time you try
to log in, and you'll need to reset your password to get it working
again. You'll need to know your Trac username and the email account you
used. If you run into problems, drop me a note and I'll try to help out.

We're currently running a Bayesian spam classifier on ticket/comment
submissions, but I don't really like it (it misclassified a comment just
today) and I'm hoping to get rid of it.


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