windows packaging tools

Mon Apr 27 03:20:10 UTC 2015

Hello Warner,

i gave pynsist a try

it is possible to install python
but python will not be on the path

it is possible to place the Tahoe-LAFS directory at
(i don't like to install it at the programs-dir, it is a 

The Tahoe-LAFS dir contains also tahoe-deps (including the new pyOpenSSl 

this installer is for win64 only,it is a Dessert-Island version called 

to make it easier usable a batch script should be included (add python 
path,build,version,test etc.)

comment to shortcut:
# shortcut creates an link for the user
#  but uses always the wrong home-Dir ,
#   need to call python example target=python c:\Tahoe-LAFS\
#,   window closes instantly after execution

# commend to packages=
#  pynsist didn't not recognize installed EGGs / EGG-dirs also when 
installed at python-Dir
#   may recognize installed Wheels (.WHL) but don't care/use/copy the 
#    it uses the name of the Dir (OpenSSL) not of the package 

in this way the promising python features are lost for tahoe-lafs.
the only plus you have two in one.

you can make this result with nsis alone (but pynsist shows you how, see 
the installer.nsi)
or by using a self-unpacking-ARC.exe made with 7zip and the python 
installer for win64

for me nsis looks easier than the Microsoft installer (but i see only 
the script for the msi)

Dessert-island installation of Tahoe-LAFS 1.10.0 (release) on win64 and 
test successful

tried to squeeze Orca in the envelop was to big


WinLAFS smarty ;)

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