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Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zookog at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 18:13:34 UTC 2015

Hello Nigel!


> How do I replace the older system installation with the later one 'built'
> from the download directory?

This is really a question about how you wish to maintain your system.
There are lots of ways you could do this.

One option that you might like — judging from the fact that you used
Debian to install the v1.10.0 one — is to use Debian to upgrade it to
v1.10.1. The latter is now in Debian, thanks to Ramki Muthukrishnan:


What *I* do on my system is I remove the Debian version from /usr/bin,
and then I do *not* install the new version into /usr/bin nor
/usr/local/bin, but instead I edit my PATH to point to the local
directory where I have the new version built.

Hope this helps! If not, go ahead and ask for more. ;-)



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