Need to restore zeroed file

Roland Haeder roland at
Fri Jul 10 13:58:25 UTC 2015

On 07/10/2015 01:09 AM, Daira Hopwood wrote:
> Assuming you were using sshfs with Tahoe's SFTP server, there are two possibilities:
> * The file was actually uploaded and is still linked from the parent
>   directory that you configured the SFTP server to use. To eliminate any
>   possible SFTP-related problems, use 'tahoe ls' on that directory URI,
>   and 'tahoe cp' to copy the file if it is there.
> * The file was never correctly uploaded, in which case it is lost if you
>   have no other copy.

In my other mail I wrote:
I have the upload helper active here and CHK_encoding bears 2 files what
may match the time (today) when I have tried to save the actual file.

Now is there a way to read "private/secret" and "private/convergence" to
decode them? If yes, can someone write a script or tell me what to do?

I think that these two files (both not a ZIP file) are encrypted with
secret and convergence? Or what happens with the file when the upload
helper is available?

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