Can't run in Windows 7

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Wed Jul 15 00:48:19 UTC 2015

On 11/07/15 15:59, Ewen Chan wrote:
> To Whom It May Concern:
> Hi. I'm new. I'm confused about how to run Tahoe-LAFS. I've read the quickstart guide, the
> FAQ, the advanced install doc, and also the How to run Tahoe-LAFS docs and I'm still confused.
> In the quick start guide, it says:
> "Run "bin/tahoe --version" (on Windows, "bin\tahoe --version") to verify that the
> executable too prints out the right version number after "allmydata-tahoe:".
> I don't see a windows executable after the build. In my bin folder, there's a file called
> "tahoe" in there but it doesn't have .exe in there.

Files don't need to have an .exe filetype on Windows to be executable.

(The file called "bin\tahoe" is not normally used on Windows. The file called
"bin\tahoe.pyscript" is run when you enter "bin\tahoe" in a Command Prompt.
This uses the PATHEXT environment variable, but you really don't need to know that.)

This issue:

> allmydata.PackagingError:
> ImportError: for requirement 'mock >= 0.8.0': (<type 'exceptions.ImportError'>,
> 'No module named funcsigs', ('C:\\lafs\\support\\Lib\\site-packages\\mock-1.1.2-
> py2.7.egg\\mock\\', 83, '<module>', 'import funcsigs'))

is almost certainly *not* related to how the executable is run. However, to confirm
that, please try running "bin\tahoe --version-and-path" as the quickstart instructions
say; you'll probably get the same error.

Daira Hopwood ⚥

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