upload difficulty and global tahoe status ?

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Thu Jul 16 18:25:10 UTC 2015

since 2 3 years
i have been using and testing tahoe several times on several networks

this was mainly to make a decentralised backup grid between several
companies locations

for a new project, i have been

   -  very satisfied in the quite easy deployment
   - very satisfied in the quality of between nodes sync
   -  and the general reliabiliy of networks

once files are on the grid, normally with no complaints everything is
working fine.

but i have been very disapointed about the way to upload files on the
network for big backup folders.

the command tahoe backup never worked as i was expecting it and the sftp
link was not much better.
(or maybe i was unable to use tahoe lafs in the good way)

the bad thing with tahoe backup is that until it is finished all files are
lost (because not listed...)

can we expect something better now ?

can we get some examples about other people usage of tahoe lafs ?

   - number of files ?
   - total capacity ?

over 100-500 k files i found it was unpracticable to upload files with
tahoe backup.
but maybe it is because i was using it bad and maybe i can improve through
other experience.

in parallel to tahoe lafs

we made a test with xtreemfs but is not as decentalised as i would expect

we evalute the possibility to start a new network with tahoe lafs or maybe
to have a look on storj


as i know a bit about tahoe i would be very happy about some support to
solve my upload difficulty

thank you

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