upload difficulty and global tahoe status ?

Lukas Pirl tahoe-dev at lukas-pirl.de
Fri Jul 17 23:55:17 UTC 2015

On 07/18/2015 05:01 AM, Freelab initiative wrote:
> but my biggest problem with tahoe backup is that until evything is
> uploaded the directory listing keeps being empty when i upload
> 100-200 gB i would apreciate to see something before the last byte
> is uploaded
> am i the only person to feels that being really a weird behavior ?

No. I'd love to see a more 'rsyncy' behavior in that sense too.

However, I think this behavior is related Tahoe's approach to
deletions/garbage collection because updating the directory for every
file uploaded would result in an unused directory per file uploaded.

Maybe making `tahoe backup` watch for failures and 'finally' writing
just uploaded CAPs to the backup directory -  no matter if all were
uploaded or not. But still, you would see no progress during the backup.


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