Can't run in Windows 7

Daira Hopwood daira at
Wed Jul 22 23:40:46 UTC 2015

On 15/07/15 02:00, Ewen Chan wrote:
> I guess my question is how DO I run, because whenever I type bin\tahoe, it says that it's
> not an executable, so I think that I am missing something in between there.

Please do the following:

1. Install git from

2. Open a command prompt window and set its screen buffer height to 999
   (this is so that you can copy the full output in step 3):
   - focus the window
   - press Alt-Space to open the window menu, and click Properties
   - click the Layout tab
   - change the Height field under Screen Buffer Size (the second field
     from the top) to 999.
   - click OK

3. Run these commands:

     git clone
     cd tahoe-lafs
     python build
     echo %PATHEXT%
     bin\tahoe --version-and-path

4. Copy the full output from the above commands:
   - press Alt-Space, open the Edit submenu and click Select All
   - press Enter
   - paste it into and reply giving the URL.

Daira Hopwood ⚥

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