heads up: 1.10.2 in the works

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Thu Jul 23 23:56:30 UTC 2015

Hey, I just wanted to let folks know that we're working on a
tahoe-1.10.2 release, probably by the end of next week. Shortly after we
shipped 1.10.1, the "mock" package (which we use in some unit tests) was
updated, and the new version proved incompatible with our fork of
setuptools (bug #2465/#2470). The fix is to stop using mock, and use
some built-in twisted.trial fake-object support instead.

Since this breaks builds of 1.10.1, we need to get a replacement out
quickly. We have a few other small tickets that we may try to squeeze in
(see the milestone[1]), but we won't hold up the release for them.

Note that this doesn't affect debian/ubuntu or other packaged versions,
since they won't automatically pick up the latest "mock". It's only
building from tarball or pip that is currently broken. If you want to
install tahoe-1.10.1 locally or into a virtualenv, one workaround is to
pre-install mock-1.0.1, which is old enough to not cause a problem.



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