hackfest report

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Thu Jun 18 18:10:33 UTC 2015

In celebration of 1.10.1, we had a mini-hackfest yesterday (it was so
"mini" that it was actually just Daira and dawuud and I in my
livingroom). We managed to:

* Design most of the necessary command-line arguments, tahoe.cfg syntax,
  and Foolscap API changes necessary to remove IP-address autodetection,
  and pave the way for proper integration with Tor, i2p, and other
  non-plain-TCP transport mechanisms (#517, #1010).

* Tour the "cloud-backend" branch (2237-cloud-backend-s4) in preparation
  for review and landing. It needs to be rebased to current trunk, since
  the last time this happened was April 2014. Daira will do that in a
  few weeks when she gets back to a proper computer, then Brian will
  review and merge. I expect we'll probably do a release shortly
  thereafter, since this feature really wants to get out into the wild.

* Tour the "magic folders" design currently under development by LAE.
  This enables dropbox-like multi-party folder synchronization through
  Tahoe. It's not ready for merging quite yet, but the design is solid
  and the code is coming along nicely.

We didn't have the brainpower to review the still-outstanding 1382
"servers of happiness" changes, which remain our top priority for the
next release (however if cloud-backend lands first, I think we may be
willing to make another release without it).

I'll write up the discussion about Tor and removing IP-address
autodetection in a separate note.


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