removing IP-address autodetection, Tor integration

Brian Warner warner at
Sat Jun 20 02:09:15 UTC 2015

On 6/18/15 12:31 PM, Brian Warner wrote:

> * tahoe create-node --listen

I thought of one problem with this: in the long run, we want to move
away from Foolscap and use (signed) HTTP for storage-server requests. So
we'll want a way to specify that Tahoe should listen on HTTP instead of
(or, for a while, in addition to) a Foolscap tub.

I think we'll have the same sorts of issues with HTTP listeners: maybe
we should advertise a different hostname/port, maybe we should advertise
an onion address, maybe we want clients to speak HTTP over i2p.

So I'm thinking "--listen=" is too general and will cause problems
later. Maybe this should be "--tub-listen=" and "--tub-advertise="? Or
we could make it hierarchical (I think IPFS does it like this):
--listen=foolscap/ , then later we get
--listen=http/tcp:0,foolscap/tcp:0, then eventually just
--listen=http/tcp:0 .

It may be awkward to stuff all of this into the "tahoe create-client"
argument list (it's probably easier to have weird key names in tahoe.cfg
than in argv). But passing them in argv gives us a place to do any
neceesary allocation/etc before node startup. We've reduced some of the
"etc" by removing IP address autodetection, but then we're cranking it
back up by adding Tor stuff.

Anyways, I'm hopeful we can find a clean way to specify all of this..
I'm still thinking about it.


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