removing IP-address autodetection, Tor integration

meejah meejah at
Sun Jun 21 06:12:45 UTC 2015

Brian Warner <warner at> writes:

> But is that.. useful? Safe? You aren't hiding the server's address.. I
> guess you're making life easier for clients who want to come in via Tor
> (we could make them prefer the onion address, and avoid exit nodes), but
> it'd be slower than the usual tor-to-the-public-IP exit-node style. Who
> would it protect?

.onion addresses are self-authenticating if this helps?
Also, Tor has been talking about "direct onion services" (i.e. non-
hidden "hidden service") and possibly adding support for single-hop
circuits on the service-side (since the server isn't trying to
hide). So, 2 fewer hops.



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