Foolscap-0.12.5 released

Brian Warner warner at
Thu Dec 8 05:40:20 UTC 2016

I just tagged foolscap-0.12.5, which adds a ConnectionInfo
status-reporting API. This will be used in Tahoe (ticket #2490) to
display better server-connection progress messages on the Welcome page.
These messages include which handler you're using (tcp vs tor vs i2p),
as well as detailed error messages (so you can tell whether the
"Connection Refused" is coming from the Tor daemon or from the actual
storage server).

Full release notes are attached below. You can download it from PyPI as
usual, or from .


* Release 0.12.5 (07-Dec-2016)

** Connection Status Reporting

This release adds an object named `ConnectionInfo`, which encapsulates
information about a connection (both progress while being established,
and the outcome once connected). This includes which connection hint was
successful, what happened with the other hints, which handlers were used
for each, and when the connection was made or lost. To get one of these,
use `tub.getConnectionInfoForFURL(furl)` any time after `getReference()`
is called, or `rref.getConnectionInfo()` after it resolves. #267

It also adds `ReconnectionInfo`, a similar object for Reconnectors.
These capture the state of reconnection process (trying, established,
waiting), and will provide a `ConnectionInfo` for the most recent
(possibly successful) connection attempt. The API is
`reconnector.getReconnectionInfo()`. #268

For details, see "Connection Progress/Status" and "Reconnector Status"
in `doc/using-foolscap.rst`.

** Connection Handler API Changes

To support `ConnectionInfo`, the Connection Handler API was changed.

The one backwards-incompatible change was that the `hint_to_endpoint()`
method now takes a third argument, to update the status as the handler
makes progress. External handler functions will need to be modified to
accept this new argument, and applications which use them should declare
a dependency upon the latest Foolscap version, to avoid runtime

Several backwards-compatible changes were made too: handlers can provide
a `describe()` method (which feeds `ConnectionInfo.connectionHandlers`),
and they can now set a special attribute on any exception they raise, to
further influence the status string.

In addition, the `tor.control_endpoint_maker()` handler now accepts an
optional second argument, which causes the maker function to be called
with a additional `update_status` argument. This backwards-compatible
change allows the maker function to influence the `ConnectionInfo`
status too.

The Tor connection handler was enhanced to report distinct statuses for
the different phases of connection: launching a new copy of Tor,
connecting to an existing Tor daemon, etc.

** Minor Fixes

Foolscap-0.12.0 broke `flappserver create`, causing the command to hang
rather than exiting cleanly (although the flappserver directory itself
was probably created properly). This release finally fixes it. #271

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