1.12.0 wheel broke windows installs, deleted

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Sat Dec 24 22:56:05 UTC 2016

One followup on last week's 1.12.0 release: in my eagerness to provide
wheels for all our dependencies (#2849), I mistakenly included a .whl
for tahoe itself, and since we haven't fixed #2763, that wheel contains
includes dependencies when built on unix vs when built on windows.

The result is that windows boxes doing "pip install tahoe-lafs" would
fail with an unsatisfied dependency on pypiwin32.

I've deleted the tahoe .whl from pypi, which should fix the problem
(which is exactly the same problem we had back in 1.11.0, as documented
in #2763). And I've moved #2763 into the 1.13 milestone so we should get
it right next time.

If anyone sees problems with 1.12, please file bugs now. The next Debian
"stable" freeze is coming up in january, so this is our last chance to
fix important problems for Debian users for the next few years.

happy holidays,

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