ANN: Tahoe-LAFS 1.12.0 released

Paul Rabahy prabahy at
Mon Dec 26 18:38:59 UTC 2016

I should have mentioned this a couple of days ago, but I am happy to
announce that the Public Test Grid has been updated to 1.12.0. There
were a couple of minor bugs that I discovered in the process, but
overall the process was smooth.

Now that multiple introducers are supported, if anyone wants to host an
introducer, just add it to
Hopefully if we get a couple more introducers we can reach 100% uptime
for the grid.

Thanks again to hard work from the development team.


On 12/17/2016 7:51 PM, Brian Warner wrote:
> ANNOUNCING Tahoe, the Least-Authority File Store, v1.12.0
> =========================================================
> On behalf of the entire team, I'm pleased to announce the 1.12.0 release
> of Tahoe-LAFS.
> Tahoe-LAFS is a reliable encrypted decentralized storage system, with
> "provider independent security", meaning that not even the operators of
> your storage servers can read or alter your data without your consent.
> See for a
> one-page explanation of its unique security and fault-tolerance
> properties.
> With Tahoe-LAFS, you distribute your data across multiple servers. Even
> if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire
> file store continues to function correctly, preserving your privacy and
> security. You can easily share specific files and directories with other
> people.
> The 1.12.0 code is available from the usual places:
> * pip install tahoe-lafs
> *
>   * tag: "tahoe-lafs-1.12.0"
>   * commit SHA1: 0cea91d73706e20dddad13233123375ceeaa7f0a
> * (and SHA256 hashes)
>   * tahoe-lafs-1.12.0.tar.bz2
>     e4a97c12cde3148d3921b8dfca3bfc73eede0b466f082afa817a8f438de72477
>   * tahoe-lafs-1.12.0.tar.gz
>     86ea07f417bdc356082a37096b2b368232a8c04d1b6813a289e1671e16f366a3
>   *
>     04666636b34cdf05e414536bea86a56d119034556d43fe6a7066e89894dc4a69
>   * tahoe_lafs-1.12.0-py2-none-any.whl
>     b453f2b5d5e7c42386b45d0f5eecaa9fff51e46c79bc0ab431d7a712ccc23816
>   * detached GPG signatures (.asc) are present for each file
> All tarballs, and the Git release tag, are signed by the Tahoe-LAFS
> Release Signing Key (fingerprint E34E 62D0 6D0E 69CF CA41 79FF BDE0 D31D
> 6866 6A7A), available for download from
> Full installation instructions are available at:
> 1.12.0 improves Tor/I2P support, enables multiple introducers (or no
> introducers), allows static server definitions, and adds "Magic
> Folders", an experimental two-way directory-synchronization tool. It
> removes some little-used features like the "key-generator" node and the
> old v1 introducer protocol (v2 has been available since 1.10). Many
> smaller fixes and changes were made: see the NEWS file for details:
> Many thanks to Least Authority Enterprises for sponsoring developer time
> and contributing of the new Magic Folders feature.
> This is the sixteenth release of Tahoe-LAFS to be created solely as a
> labor of love by volunteers. Thank you very much to the team of "hackers
> in the public interest" who make Tahoe-LAFS possible. Contributors are
> always welcome to join us at and
> .
> Brian Warner
> on behalf of the Tahoe-LAFS team
> December 17, 2016
> San Francisco, California, USA
> _______________________________________________
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> tahoe-dev at

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